Some History

The name “Archer Watches” comes from the sport that I have loved for over 30 years – archery.  I’ve had 2 archery “careers” in my life, the first starting at the age of 12 when I stumbled upon a demonstration by the local archery club.  It was love at first sight, and that lead to 8 years of shooting and competing, mainly in the junior ranks.  I was successful locally and provincially, and in 1981 won my first national championship.  I won 2 (indoor and outdoor) in 1982.

I gave the sport up as I moved on from high school and continued my education, but the second archery career was to come.  It all started as I watched the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, and although I didn’t see any archery on TV (not exactly a TV friendly sport) I began to wonder…”was I good enough?”  I was presented with a choice – don’t take up the sport again and always wonder, or give it a shot and work at it even though there was a risk of not making it.  I decided I needed to try – not knowing was just not an option.

I started in earnest in 1997 when the coach of the Canada’s Olympic team at the Atlanta Games agreed to be my personal coach.  She worked with me a lot and I had some struggles early on, but then things started to take off.  By 1999 I was able to win the men’s Canadian Target Archery Championship.  Over the next few years I did a lot of travelling and shooting, and had some wonderful experiences competing internationally.  I never did make the Olympic team, but I would not trade the experiences I had for anything.

I had to give the Olympic style shooting up recently since I have a type of arthritis that makes the training schedule required to shoot an the level I once did quite impossible to keep.  My focus has shifted to watches and this is another all-consuming passion in my life.

I will post some photos of my archery days in the next while, so stay tuned!

Cheers, Al


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