Some archery photos

As promised here are some photos of my shooting/competing days…


This first photo is in Havana, Cuba where my team mates and I won the silver medal in the men’s Olympic competition.  We lost a close one to Argentina in the gold medal match, after defeating some other teams in the early rounds (including the #1 ranked US team).  I am on the right of our group as noted with the blue arrow.

This is me shooting in that team event…


Next an event in Venezuela in 2001….our team in the opening ceremonies.


I’m at the back in this one….

Me shooting…with a team mate to my left.


And the three of us shooting in the team round at this event – we won the bronze here in a strong field of countries.


I am on the right waiting my turn to shoot, while another team member is shooting, and the other is spotting the arrows – we shoot at 70 metres in this event so it’s hard to see where your arrows are hitting the target. 

This next one is me shooting at the Canadian Championships in the gold medla match.  It was the end of July, but only 7 degrees C out and it was COLD!  I think I had 7 layers on my upper body, from tee shirts to sweaters to thermal shirts….and a biking shirt on top (one layer was a garbage bag to keep the rain out).  I won this event so despite the weather it was a good day.  🙂


And here I am at the athlete entrance to the US Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA when I was there for a week of training.


And this is me shooting there.


It was a great week of training, but unfortunately it was shortly after this that my shoulder started giving me a lot of problems, and this lead to shoulder surgery in 2004.  The surgery helped but in the end it wasn’t enough to allow me to continue competing at this level.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the photos!

Cheers, Al


2 Responses to “Some archery photos”

  1. Kevin Archer Says:

    Hi Al,

    I am also a fan of watches and archery, though we moved recently and I am yet to find a new club for the archery side of things. What’s more, your watches are perfect for me… my surname is also Archer!

    Your watches are great – particularly like the Fleiger style WWII version. Do you just make individuals or short runs? Doubt if I can afford one… but please send me some more info!

    Thanks a lot.


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