Some recent service work

I thought I would show some of the wide variety of watches that I have serviced over the last few months.  All of these watches received a complete service.

First a vintage Zenith – the client requested a full service and reprint of the dial (done by a supplier):

Next a wonderful vintage Omega from the 1940’s:

A vintage ladies Glycine watch with a white gold case that was fitted with diamond and sapphire stones.  The dial was very dirty:

The end result was very nice:

Next up is a modern Oris:

And now something different – a vintage quartz watch.  This is a Seiko King Quartz that received a full overhaul:

This is a vintage Tudor hand wound watch:

This is a Sinn 856, which is equipped with a 24 hour function:

Next a Tag Kirium Chronometer:

And this is a Panerai 196 chronograph:

This Kobold diver was tested (and passed) at a pressure of 100 BAR after servicing:

I hope you enjoyed seeing a small selection of the work over the last while.  If you have any questions regarding servicing, or the Archer Watches line, please contact me at:

Cheers, Al


4 Responses to “Some recent service work”

  1. Jerome Pineau Says:

    Hi – I love these articles they’re educational to me. Curious if you’ve ever come around a Marvin for servicing in your experience? If so, what did you think?

    • archerwatches Says:

      Hello Jerome,

      I’m glad that you liked the post. I’ve never had a Marvin cross my bench, but they do look interesting. Thanks for the comment.

      Cheers, Al

  2. Dennis Watches Says:

    Thank your for some very informative articles ! Like Jerome i also am very interested i a Marvin. Could be beautiful with such an article.

    Kind Regards

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