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More service work

December 8, 2010

I thought I would show a few more of the watches I have had in for servicing in the last while.

First – two vintage Rolex models.  This first one is a Royalite from the 1940’s, and in addition to a full service, the client requested that I have the hands relumed to match the lume on the dial.  Here is what the watch looked like as I received it:

I sent the hour and minute hands out, but I refinished the second hand myself.  Here is the final result:

Next up is a 1680 Red Submariner.  This watch had a few issues, including a cracked oscillating weight:

So I sourced a new weight, case tube, crown, mainspring, and did the service:

Next is one of two Zenith pocket watches I’ve serviced recently.  This one came to me with an interesting modification (bent piece of steel screwed to the barrel bridge) due to a broken ratchet wheel screw:

In the end a new barrel arbor had to be fabricated for this watch.  The end result was very nice:

Next is a vintage Omega Seamaster 300.  A very nice model with the somewhat rare arrow head minute hand.

A new crystal was installed, as well as a new case tube and crown:

The rotating bezel was restored by another party, and here is a shot my client sent me of the completed watch:

I’ve serviced a few Omega Speedmasters as well, including this MkII model:

A new dial and set of hands were installed on this watch:

Next is a modern Oris with a power reserve complication:

Now a Panerai 112 that had a broken mainspring:

The last one for this post is a vintage Tissot Navigator Chronograph:

If you have any requests regarding servicing, or about the Archer Watches line, please contact me at: (at)

Cheers, Al